In operation…


For randomization we use ALEA, an online randomization software tool that is being maintained and supported by the Clinical Trial Center Maastricht (CTCM). Only the trial coordinator can arrange access (username and password). To randomize, please click:


  1. Login with your username and password (provided to you by the CTCM).
  2. After login, click in the left menu on the trial link ORANGE II PLUS or ORANGE SEGMENTS. Your name will become available under the link.
  3. Click on your name. A menu will pop-up under your name.
  4. Click on the button ‘Add patient’. You will be taken to a screen with the RANDOMIZATION FORM questions (page 11 of the CRF).
  5. Please fill in the data in the ALEA randomization form and on the paper CRF.
  6. Click in the menu right below on the button SUBMIT FORM.
  7. The page will be renewed and you will see the randomization result pop-up below the last question.
  8. The randomization result will be automatically emailed to you and to the trial coordinator.